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performance in digital space



Performance Maker, Writer and Musician based in London

BA Performance Arts at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


Inspiration for my work often comes from questions rooted in metaphysics and metacognition - such as the basis of consciousness, its limits and possibilities; the fragile and inconsistent nature of reality; corruption of memory; the act of speaking. Driven by my fascination with M-theory as way to understand the world - framing the everyday against the cosmic, I seek to realise the concepts and ideas that arise through multi-disciplinary performance.

I have created durational work (the writer cleanses); performances in (or through) digital spaces (Nożyczki and Żegnaj with Iga Maria Szczepańska); poetic performances (In the waters of River Möbius, Kalbėk English); compositions (V, The Möbius River); sound devised in collaboration (W E T) with a planned album release (0\8) in July 2019. In my critical practice, I have written reviews for The National Student, A Younger Theatre and Litro Magazine; I am currently seeking to reimagine the critic as a facilitator and moderator by launching the platform of Chat Critical on Twitter.

Through my work I aim to give matter to, and communicate the usually impenetrable and intangible; pursuing science through the lens of emotion.

My central aim is to find out whether ideas can be communicated - in the pure form they exist before being anchored by words, which inevitably corrupt the idea in trying to define it with an imperfect mode of communication. As a writer, I try to overcome this by placing the text in conversation with other objects; be it action, sound, image,….

A part of this is playing with the trust placed in language, at times in opposition to the wariness of accepting communication through the body. 

All of these are among the questions I am seeking to materialise through my work; attempting, failing, and occasionally succeeding.